Useapi.net provides a simple, reliable and affordable way to use Midjourney via experimental REST API.

For only $10 per month you can connect your Midjourney Discord account to our experimental API following a simple instructions and start using it immediately in your production environment. There are no other requirements needed to start besides having your Midjourney subscription.

With Midjourney Standard Plan (3 concurrent jobs) using our API you can expect up to 200 /imagine generations per hour when using Midjourney fast mode.

Our API employs smart logic aiming to prevent any potential issues with Discord and Midjourney, such as bans or excessive requests.

🚀 We fully support the ability to use multiple Midjourney accounts, multiple Pika accounts, multiple InsightFaceSwap accounts and multiple PixVerse accounts complete with automated load balancing.


Experimental REST API for the Pika Discord Bot by Pika.art. Pika currently support text and images as input for video generation, and private generations by directly messaging the bot.


Experimental REST API for the InsightFaceSwap Discord Bot by Picsi.Ai. InsightFaceSwap allows users to swap faces from source image(s) onto different target images. It offers free and paid subscription models. Paid subscribers have access to a wide selection of extra features such as HiFidelity Mode, ARTIFY, oldify/youngify, morphing multiple faces in one image, and many more.


Experimental REST API for the PixVerse Discord Bot by PixVerse.AI. PixVerse currently supports text and image inputs for generating 4-second-long videos. The available video styles include Realistic, Anime, and 3D Animation. For the Anime style you can reference one of the anime characters. PixVerse can also create a meme face video from a provided image.


Visit our Discord Server or Telegram Channel for any support questions and concerns.

We regularly post guides and tutorials on the YouTube Channel.