Midjourney API v2

December 2023

This is the current version of API, it utilizes a combination of the Discord REST API and the Discord Gateway API.

Most notable changes compared to the previous version

  • Discord Gateway API establishes a real-time WebSocket connection that enables faster communication and more detailed responses, including comprehensive error and moderation feedback.
  • Provides access to Midjourney commands such as /info, /fast, /relax and /turbo modes, and others.
  • Added support for Custom Zoom, see jobs/button.
  • Provide a convenient way to save default values within an account for reuse across all API v2 calls.
  • Automatic detection and implementation of API pause mode in response to a Midjourney Pending mod message, see Response 596.

Quick reference

Midjourney /imagine command available via jobs/imagine API endpoint.

Midjourney upscale or create variations and enhance or modify button commands available via jobs/button API endpoint.

Midjourney /describe command available via jobs/describe API endpoint.

Midjourney /blend command available via jobs/blend API endpoint.

Use jobs/?jobid=jobid API endpoint to retrieve job results.

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