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  1. How to Avoid Midjourney Bans?
  2. Are you planning to offer a pay-per-use subscription option for the Midjourney API?

How to Avoid Midjourney Bans?

Using automation is against Discord and Midjourney’s Terms of Service, so you need to plan accordingly and have backup account(s) ready.

  • The best practice is to create several new Discord accounts and join the Midjourney Discord server. These accounts should be used exclusively for API work and nothing else. We strongly recommend using a VPN to prevent your personal data/IP addresses from being leaked. You can use the Opera browser with built-in VPN or the Brave browser with Tor support.

  • When creating accounts in bulk, make sure to restart Opera/Brave so that your IP is different every time, since Discord tracks and records the IP addresses used to create new accounts. Make sure to log in to the Discord accounts designated for API use through a VPN. When creating new email and Discord accounts, use names closely resembling real names - something that does not look suspicious.

  • Once a Discord account is created, join the Midjourney Discord server and follow the instructions to create your own server and invite the Midjourney bot. If you’re planning to use this account, you can proceed with a Midjourney subscription. It’s a good idea to create several Discord accounts with the Midjourney setup, as described above early on, this will “age” them and make them less suspicious later on when you need to subscribe to Midjourney.

  • When paying for a Midjourney subscription use a virtual credit card number (provided by most major credit card companies) or services like Make sure to use a credit card name and address that resemble an actual address and name. Use a different name and address for every new Midjourney subscription. Midjourney has access to all payment details and will cross-check banned accounts’ payment information to ban newly created accounts if a match is found.

  • When using the API, try to simulate real users. Avoid running generators 24/7 by establishing quiet hours (for example, you can use two or three accounts and rotate them every 12/8 hours). Midjourney seems to specifically target accounts with a large number of --relax usage, so try to limit those generations to a reasonable number (<300 generations/day). Do not post public links to Discord/Midjourney CDN attachments, they contain your Discord account number and can be used to trace back to your account.

Are you planning to offer a pay-per-use subscription option for the Midjourney API?

We have no plans to offer such an option. Instead, we are offering the most competitive API subscription without any kind of limitation on the number of accounts, type (relax/fast/turbo), or number of jobs, and provide full support for all Midjourney functionality.