Setup Midjourney

Table of contents

  1. Create Discord account
  2. Purchase Midjourney subscription
  3. Create Discord server
  4. Invite Midjourney bot to your Discord server
  5. Create #api text channel on your Discord server
  6. Example of Discord server with private #api text channel and Midjourney bot
  7. Test Midjourney /imagine command
  8. Make a note of your server id and channel id values
  9. Obtain Discord token
  10. Verify Discord access

Approximately 15 minutes to complete setup steps.

Step-by-step guide

Create Discord account

You need a Discord account to interact with Midjourney. Create a new account if you don’t have one already.

Please note even if you have an existing Discord account we are strongly recommending creating a separate Discord account specifically designated to be used with API.

Purchase Midjourney subscription

Follow official instructions to purchase a subscription. We suggest starting with the Basic Plan. You can always upgrade later, once you are satisfied with initial testing and ready to scale up.

It is important not to use the Midjourney account setup for API access for any purposes other than its intended use, such as executing /imagine or any other Midjourney commands manually or in conjunction with any other automation tools. The API internally tracks the usage of the Midjourney account, including the number of currently active executions. Using it for other activities may cause API to function incorrectly.

Please skip this step if you already have Midjourney subscription.

Create Discord server

Please log in to your Discord account and create a new Discord server following official instructions.

Invite Midjourney bot to your Discord server

Please following official instructions to invite Midjourney bot to your server.

Create #api text channel on your Discord server

Once you created the Discord server and invited Midjourney you need to create a designated API-related work text channel. You can refer to official instructions to learn about Discord channels and how to manage them on your server. We suggest naming the text channel #api for clarity and also making that channel private. Please see Midjourney instructions to learn how you can restrict the bot to a single private channel.

Example of Discord server with private #api text channel and Midjourney bot

Below you can see we created useapi Discord server with private #api text channel:

Midjourney bot invited to the server and has access to private #api text channel

Test Midjourney /imagine command

Navigate to the created above #api text channel and execute the Midjourney /imagine command to make sure it works. You will need to accept Midjourney Terms Of Service before very first /imagine execution.

Make a note of your server id and channel id values

Your Discord URL looks like<server_id>/<chanel_id>

In the screenshot above URL is where 1122226477161144546 is your Discord server id and 1122277481822456166 is your private #api channel id.

Save both server id and channel id values, you will need those numbers for API.

Obtain Discord token

There are many tutorials describing how to obtain Discord tokens. Please refer to the following links bellow for additional guidance:

Keep in mind that anyone with a Discord token can have full access to your Discord account so please keep it safe and secure. To reset your Discord token simply change your Discord password.

Verify Discord access

Once all the above steps are completed you should have the following:

  • Discord token
  • Discord server id number
  • Discord private #api channel id number